5th Grade Newsletter

November 30, 2015

Norwood Happenings

We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving break with your families. We are so excited to see your kiddos and hear their stories about their week off from school.

PTO is having the Holiday Penguin Shop this week. Students may bring money to buy presents for their family and friends on their designated shopping day. Prices for gifts range from $0.25 to $10.00 each.

Math Madness

The next three weeks will be busy in math as we introduce expressions and equations, practice financial literacy terms, and review fractions. This week students will learn about prime and composite numbers. Students will also be introduced to financial literacy terms and there will be a vocabulary quiz over these terms on Friday, December 4th. Students will make a foldable on Monday that they will be able to take home to help them study these terms. The words, along with the definitions, are on Miss Finley's website under the Vocabulary tab. Homework this week is to study vocabulary words!

In the Science Lab

This week 5th graders will be blasting off to outer space and begin studying how the Earth, moon, and Sun interact.

The Reading Corner

This week in reading/language arts, we will focus on character and setting, as well as problem and solution. Students will read the week's story and apply their knowledge of these elements to analyze the influence they have on the outcome of the story. In spelling, we will practice using prefixes (see Ms. Cooper's website for a current spelling list). We will also practice writing introductory paragraphs, as well as studying the proper use of pronouns and their antecedents.

Blast from the Past

Before Thanksgiving break, students explored the westward movement in America. This week we are going to read about the final war for independence and how this moved us into the Industrial Revolution! Students will study how Americans went from an agriculture lifestyle in the country to a manufacturing one in the city. Students will be introduced to one of the first major inventions created by Eli Whitney, the cotton gin, which changed the way the United States produced cotton.... at a much faster pace.

Homework Help

  • Read, Read, Read
  • Practice Multiplication Facts
  • Notes for math and vocabulary words are posted on Miss Finley's website
  • Apply concepts to everyday activities
  • Spelling words and Reading Comprehension Thinking Stems are located on Ms. Cooper's website
  • Khan Academy videos and practice
  • Clay Piggy


If you have any questions please contact us!

Tracy Pruett (Science) – tpruett@bisdmail.net

Rebecca Finley (Math) – rlfinley@bisdmail.net

Kathy Cooper (ELA and SS) – kcooper@bisdmail.net

Pamela Leach (ELA and SS) – pamela.leach@bisdmail.net