CSA Lincoln 2nd Grade News

Mrs. Pickup and Mrs. Brill 04/4/16

Reminders: Ask your child if they have headphones. We use these on a daily basis. Please return Report Card Envelopes.

Field Trip!

We are going on a field trip to Centra Credit Union at 601 Union Street on Tuesday, April 12. Please look for a permission slip in your child's travel folder. We love parent volunteers! If you have a background check on file, we'd love for you to join us!

Project Updates: Please look for New Information in Travel Folders

We are finalizing our Genius Hour projects! Today you will find a presentation checklist in the students Travel Folders. We will have presentations at the Bartholomew County Library on April 19 and 21st. Your child will be assigned one of those days to present. More details to follow.

Money Smart Project is off and running. Students are brainstorming ideas for their business and we will be planning our model business this week.


Both classes still are in need of snack donations. If you would be willing to donate, please send a supply of snack in with your student. We would love some healthier snacks including pretzels, animal crackers, Chex, veggie chips, crackers, etc. Thank you in advance for your help!

Rainbow Bank Statements

Math Goals:

I can add use fractions to help decide how much money I need to save, share, and spend. I can find equivalent fraction.

Remember to login and look at your child's bank statement for the week. I have been conferencing with students about their Rainbow accounts. This is an assessment on their ability to add and subtract different amounts of money.


The homework packet was sent home on Thursday, March 31st. It is due Thursday, April 7th. We are excited about the homework incentive, Homeworkopoly. It has proven already to be making an impact on progress. Please make sure the 2nd graders know this includes the three Word Study activities with parent initials and the Reading Log.

Logging into Students Accounts

If you would like to see all the hard work your child does at school you can login to their Google account or their Itslearning account from home. Considering winter is just around the corner this is very important to learn how to get around the Google world. Plus this is a great way to help your child. I'm sure they would love to share what they are learning!

Here is the pattern

first two digits are the child's graduating year (which for 2nd graders is 26)

then their last name and first initial

For example itslearning is 26brillr (some of these have different variations if the last name is a common name)

Google example 26brillr@students.bcsc.k12.in.us

Their passwords pattern

Thier six digit student identification plus bcsc

All of the 2nd graders know their regular passwords for the other apps and learning tools but if you need help please feel free to text me on Remind101.

Scholastic Book Order

Scholastic book orders went home last week. They will be due Tuesday, April 5th.

ELA this week

Students will read about cooperation this week. They will be able to summarize using their own words to identify the key details of a story . They will understand a character’s point-of-view and how that reflects the character's thoughts on the events in a story. We will also be working on idioms, vocabulary and pronouns.

Sixth Grade Project Donations

Sixth grade is collecting donations for the Red Cross to help people in weather crises. They are accepting the following items: toiletries, toys, clothes and blankets. Thanks for your help!