Spanish 2 U6 Semana 11 Día 2

La comida

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Alexandra, Jessica, and Cary who have already started submitted U6 assignments. Way to pace your work! .

During the next 2 weeks we are holding RLC for U5. Look at your calendar now and make a time when you can make it If you are having computer sign in problems, call in by phone.

Noticias: The Peer Tutoring Center is alive and well 2nd Qtr. too! They are there to help. Be sure to check them out.

Lección: Let´s look at an approach to Escribir assignments:

Need extra help? Want a free tutor? Don't foget to use the Peer Tutoring Center.

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Fans of Sevilla by Jose Ramon CC