Different Types Of Computers

Top 4 computers 📱💻

Desktop Pc💻

a lot of people using the desktop pc computers would be teachers as they would use it for the lesson or even lesson planing.

other people would be gamers because it has a good storage space also good for coustimizing games.

on desktops you can watch movies, play games, play music.

its also less expesive to buy.

The highest price would be £300.


People that use laptops are normally children and teens as you can use social networks to text or Skype.

Also people in an office might use them to do the work.

You could also have teachers for lesson plans and register.

The highest price would be £349.

Smart Phones📱

Teenagers use them for talking to friends online.

You can FaceTime Skype ooVoo & make phone calls.

Business man would use them for work because you can get word and call & text people.

Adults can use them to contact people.

Highest price would be £700.


Tablets can be used by children for gaming.

They are used for Netflix and YouTube.

You can get learning games on your tablet.

There used at schools for children to ICT lessons.

Highest price would be £550.


Would a teenager use a phone or a tablet.

In my opinion they would use a phone because on a tablet you can't make phone calls when you are out also tablets are to big to carry around on the streets when you are out with friends.


Would a work man use a laptop or a smart phone.

In my opinion a work man would use a phone because they don't want to be carrying a laptop around with them on journeys and they can't call or text on a laptop.