Green Careers

Schools’ food growing officer

Schools’ food growing officer is a great green career!

A schools’ food growing officer is a great job because you mostly help grow gardens for schools! You get to teach kids how to plant plants and teach them how to keep the plants growing. Schools’ food growing officers get to interact with kids and teachers, it's a great experience for the kids and the teachers. Schools’ food growing officers mostly work out side with kids and teachers making gardens, but there is some office work and meetings, and you might have to work in some bad weather conditions.

How much do schools’ food growing officers make? Do they have to have a degree?

The average schools’ food growing officer makes about $55,010 a year. This is with just a high school diploma. To become a schools’ food growing officer, have to at least have a high schools diploma and some type of experience in the food business.

School gardens

Gardens aren't just a place for plants to grow... It's a place for you to grow.

How is this job related to the environment?

Being a schools’ food growing officer means always being out side. Mostly what schools’ food growing officers do is plant fruits, vegetables, and plants.


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