You get what you pay for.Or do you?

False advertising in America

From commercials to billboards to announcements at entertainment events, people in the 21st century are constantly bombarded with advertisements for various products. A slew of these products are not what they claim to be, and it has become the norm for a consumer to be disappointed with a product. Some of the most prevalent among these are products with health related ties.
In the media today, many companies mislead people with advertisements for products that really are no different for all the others, and slide by on technicalities. Due to the false advertisements, sales shot up dramatically for products. Many of these products are sold at much higher prices and make millions of dollars in profit for companies that dupe their customers.
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There have been several lawsuits against companies charging more for ineffective products that have been falsely advertised.
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Along with the fact that they do not do what was advertised, Sketchers ShapeUps also led to a variety of injuries such as broken ankles to more serious injuries such as fractured vertebrae for people who have fallen in the unbalanced shoes.
The false advertising for health related issues has even spread all the way to medicines, where it would be most important to know the specifics of what drugs may do to you.
Airborne Settles For $7M In False Labeling Case
Just as prevalent as marketing that is manipulated to sell products to help people lose weight are false advertisements for food. In 2010, Dannon underwent a $45 million lawsuit to answer for it's false advertising for Activia yogurt. The yogurt was supposed to aide in regulating the digestive system and was sold at a 30% premium over other brands for it's added bacterial ingredients supposed to be clinically proven to reduce digestive issue, when in reality it had no distinguishing characteristics when compared to other yogurts.

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