All About Me

Halley Roberts

Meet Halley

My name is Halley Roberts, I am 13 years old, and an only child.I play basketball and tennis. Something interesting about me is that I can't look left because I am missing eye muscles. I would like to go to Texas Tech and become an interior designer.

What does it mean to be a leader?

Being a leader means you are responsible, trustworthy, and helpful. Leaders do what is right, help people make good decisions, and try to have a positive influence.

Famous Influential Leaders

Leaders in My Life

My Grandma Linda- My grandma was diagnosed with cancer about 35 years ago, it lasted for 5 years, then she was cancer free for 25 years, about 2 years ago, it came back. She is now in a wheel chair and surviving off of oxygen tubes, but she manages to stay strong through it all.

My Mom Jennifer- My mom manages to work two jobs and take care of me while my dad work out of town. She always puts others first and would do anything for family.

My Grandma Debbie- My grandma went to work everyday so she could support her mom who had dementia. She took care of her mom day and night. She showed her love for her mom by never giving up on her. She paid for medicine, walkers, and hospital bills.

Long Term Goals

Get a PHD

Become an interior designer

Go on a missionary trip