Pk3.1 Weekly Newsletter

September 11, 2015- Week 4

Hello Pk3.1 Parents,

Week four is out the door! I must say, it was a crazy busy week but I did my best to include all the big events. Starting with....

Every Monday the entire PK department meets for flag ceremony. At flag ceremony we sing the National Anthem, school song and discuss any upcoming events. This week was PK3.1's turn to hold the flag and sing.


Our focus points this week were "When do things happen at school? / Who works at our school? " We had the pleasure of meeting five important people who work at our school. On Monday, Nurse Millie came in and talked to the children about her role at ISP. The children loved using her stethoscope, first aid kit and receiving band-aids for any "ouchies" they had. On Wednesday, we went to the library and met Miss Menitza. She discussed her role at ISP and how we should behave inside the library. Also on Wednesday, we had Mr.Sava (Dean of Students) and Ms.Alida (PK Principle) join us during circle time. They talk about their jobs and read us a story. Friday, Mr. Jay joined us and talked about his role as head of security.

Run, Run, as fast as you can... you can't catch me... I'M THE GINGERBREAD MAN!!

This week we read a story about The Gingerbread Man. As many of you know, this tale is about a gingerbread cookie that comes to life and out runs many characters, until the sly fox finally catches the cookie and eats him! We each made our own gingerbread man out of paper and decorated him. I made a large cut out and played a game, where the Gingerbread Man would run and hide, then the kids would have to search the centers and try to find him. On Tuesday we made gingerbread ornaments out of cinnamon and apple sauce. Keep in mind, these ornaments ARE ONLY FOR SMELLING. (Tip: hanging them in the car makes a perfect car freshener!) The kids helped me mix the apple sauce and cinnamon together and we each made our own little cut out to enjoy at home! On Friday, we did a Gingerbread Man hunt through the school. We left pieces of the cookie with some of the important people we met earlier in the week ( Ms.Alida, Miss.Menitza, Nurse Millie and even our art teacher, Mrs.Mirtie. ) The kids had a lot of fun collecting the pieces and making him whole in the classroom.


We had our first birthday on September 10th. Maximo and his Mom brought in cupcakes and juice to celebrate him turning 4!


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Requests and Reminders

September 15th- PTA Pre-K Breakfast: This is a wonderful opportunity to meet with all the moms from the Pre-K department!

September 19th -BBQ at ISP

September 21st- PK celebration of Peace Day.

(I will be sending more information regarding this, next week )

September 23rd- @10:45am Session #2 Composure

(Conscious Discipline with Alida)

I hope your kids enjoyed this week! :)

Until next time,