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Tokyo has been a very well known city but people do not realize there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Tokyo. I will be informing you about Tokyo and why it is a great! Well first things first, if you live in Toronto, the plane ticket to go there is around $1,250 for a week. Which is pretty cheap to the other countries. Also by far the best hotel to stay at is The Peninsula. The description is as it implies is a "Luxury Hotel". It is pretty expensive though at around $500 for a week but its worth it!

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There are many attractions in Tokyo, like I mentioned before the National Garden is one and here I will explain some more attractions. Sensoji Temple: It looks like a dojo and the tickets are free to go inside but the gift shop is of course paid. There is also the Odaiba. It is a huge bridge and it is completelty beatiful at the night time,
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Some of the most famous food in Tokyo is known as ramen. Ramen is very cool, what it is, is it is like quick serving noodles. You can easily make it in a matter of minutes. There is also the most famous food sushi. Sushi is balls filled with rice vegtables or anything else you want to put in. Sushi is the most famous food in the Japanese culture.
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There is a large diverse variety of culture in the Japanese culture. I will be explaining the main culture in the Japanese culture. The food that is the most cultrural is sushi. It is because it is a national dish for all Japanese people. Also there is the Kimono. It is a cultural dress for women to wear and made out of very good material and it is also very expensive!
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In conclusion, Japan is one of the best places to visit in the world. If you were to visit Japan one day be sure to keep in mind all the information given to you by me:)