Earths Amazing Travel Guide

by: Cam Keller

Three Amazing Places on Earth

Welcome to Earth, there are three places that you should visit like the swamps, Rain forest , and the Grand Canyon. If you want to visit and learn about these places, keep on reading this brochure.


Swamps are inland bodies of water. There are many animals and plants so your gonna wanna be careful because for example, watch out for crocodiles. Crocodiles are dangerous and they bite! As well as snakes. Swamps do thing like clean or purify the water and all the mud go to the bottom. leaving the clean water at the top.


A Rain forest is very dense, warm and wet. The rain forest gets to a high of 93 degrees F. There are a lot of animals and plants, I would not eat any of the plants because some will make you sick. Like in swamp, there are snakes so if I were you i would watch were I step! I Would bring hiking gear because their are hills that you will have to climb. Rain forest are wet so they will definitely be muddy. Another thing is rain forest are very warm/humid so your gonna wanna bring water...lots or you'll get dehydrated.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon can get to a high of 105 degrees F in June, and -20 degrees F in January. If you go in June, bring water and wear light cloths because it will be hot. If you go in January bring a heavy coat and a hat. Rain forests are in south America and Africa so their will be a time difference, so make sure you set your watch.

Three ways people reginalize the Earth

  • State
  • Country
  • Continent

Other places to visit

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Kilauea Volcano
  • Mt. Everest