Career Technology Tutor

Helping you with your technology

Why you need a tutor

Technology is always expanding, and it's hard to keep up with it. That is the reason why you need a career and technology tutor like me. My name is Gabe Leach and I can help you through all of this new technology. I will be teaching a class on how to navigate the web on April 32, 2014 at the Rock L. Butler middle school.
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How to contact me

The main office is at 310 Fourth Ave. Mont Clare. You can contact me at 570-724-2306 or by smoke signaling, Morse code and sky writing. We accept payment in trade, pesos, rupees and cash money.

Who works with me

I employ many people. Some of my workers are Shaquille O'Neil, Pele and Pete Rose. There are many different offices placed in and around the tri-state area. We also have an experimental office in Rio De Janiero Brazil.


You can buy my book for 99.99 plus shipping and handling. It talks about everything that I teach in my many different seminars. We also sell audio books so that you can learn while on the go.
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