The Impossible Rescue

#1. { connection }

In the book and the poem were talking about how bad the weather was and how the temperature was 30 degrees or below 0. They also said how they needed to get out of the ocean or they could die of hypothermia.

The impossible rescue: "They had begun their overland journey and the temperature had dropped below zero."pg 82

An impression of Alaska: "Its called Alaska, and its as cold the deuce." line: 10 & stanza: 2

In the book when it says the temperature had dropped below zero and in the poem when its says its as cold as the deuce they both connect together because it shows that the weather is very miserable were they are.

#2.{ Connection}

In the book the Impossible rescue it says how whaler boats got crashed into ice and how the whaler crew had to come on aboard with other ships. In the artical Irony alert Global

Warmists gets stuck in ice it talks about how adventures ship got stuck in ice and so did their rescue ship.

The Impossible Rescue: “The vessels that had taken in the shipwrecked whalers were terribly overcrowded, and all those aboard were already complaining about the lack of sleeping space and room to move about. There was only one solution. The whalers whose ships had been destroyed had to find refuge ashore." Pg. ( 24 & 25 )

The Washington Times- Irony alert Global warmists get stuck in ice - By: Joseph Curl:

On the website { } it says that " The adventures found their ship stuck in ice and a ship got sent to free the stuck ship but then also got trapped in the ice." ( paragraph 2 & 3 )

They both show a connection together because they both have to do with something happening to their ship/boat in the middle of the ocean.