October 21, 2016

Need 2 Know

EdCamp Fulton

Tomorrow is the very first EdCampFulton: Powered by Vanguard! Come and enjoy some free, fun PD arranged by NELC leads Andrea Rioux and Megan Endicott!

For more information about EdCamp Fulton, check out the Smore flyer!

First Nine Weeks Information

As a reminder, the first TIM-O and section of the coaching plan should have been completed and sent to your Vanguard school lead. School leads should be sending the compiled information to one of their Learning Community Leads.

Cohort 1, 2, 3: You will need to be sure and submit the coaching plan for at least two individuals.

Cohort 4a, 4b: You need to submit the coaching plan for at least one individual.

Cohort 5 and 6 Vanguard members should be working to complete the TIM module.

New Vanguard Shirts

Our new Vanguard shirts will be available for pick-up on Wednesday morning at GaETC between 7:00 am and 8:45 am outside of the opening keynote session.

If you are unable to pick yours up at that time, additional times will be offered on Thursday and Friday during the conference.

If you are not attending the conference, your shirt will be sent to you through school mail the following week.

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Have You Checked Your CLUTTER Folder Lately?

Be sure to regularly check your clutter folder, especially when you're expecting an email to reset a password. The email filters will almost always send your TIM password reset to clutter. Occasionally, it decides to send actual, quality emails to there as well. :)

Vanguard Documents and Files

To make some access easier, all Vanguard needed documents, logos, and graphics have been added to a folder in Google Drive. Please bookmark this folder, or add it to your Drive.

Files and information will continue to be added. While much of our work is front-facing, we would like to keep some of it from being directly linked on our website.

Vanguard Files: 2016-2017

Find all coaching plans, Vanguard expectations and commitment form, Vanguard logos, and team information.

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Nearpod Digital Citizenship Lessons: FREE for METIs

METIs, if you don't already have access to Nearpod's Digital Citizenship lessons, they're offering them to you for FREE this week. Be sure to complete their information request to get access!

First Time Attendee at GaETC?

If you're a first time attendee at GaETC, join the KSU iTeach team on YouTube Live on Thursday, 10/27 @ 7:00 pm (just before the #fcsvanguard chat)! We'll give first-timers some quick tips, answer questions, and help you prepare to make the most of your conference time! Mark your schedule now and save the link!

GaETC Questions for YouTube Live Session

Feel free to anonymously submit your questions about GaETC!

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Professional Development

Personalized PD

We all know that the same PD isn't right for everyone, just as the same instruction isn't right for all students. Here's a new way of approaching PD to fit your needs, interests, and schedule - all without leaving your school building.

Want to Become a BrainPOP Certified Educator?

Take a look at this info from BrainPOP:

"The Certified BrainPOP Educator Program is a free certification program offered to teachers who have demonstrated exemplary commitment to and creativity using BrainPOP resources with students.

To become a Certified BrainPOP Educator, attend an in-person or blended training workshop with the BrainPOP Educators team, fulfill supplemental requirements and participate in our online community. Certified BrainPOP Educators are the first to know about new developments at BrainPOP and may receive opportunity to beta test new features, provide advice to developers, and more.

Most CBE workshops are held in a classroom setting at conferences around the country. In these sessions, led by our BrainPOP Educators team, attendees learn about BrainPOP’s latest and greatest features through hands-on exploration and modeling via large-group, small-group, and partner activities."

Technology Integration Matrix

Throughout the next few editions of the VanWeekly, we will share a short video on the Technology Integration Matrix. While not required, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you view the video to get a better understanding of the TIM.

This week's video concerns the TIM and Pedagogy.

Tech Integration Matrix: Pedagogy

This video is 7 minutes and 31 seconds long.

If you're interested in more information regarding these trainings,

please contact Mindy Ramon.

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Last Night's Chat: YouTube Video Editor

Dana Munson, Riverwood HS, led a chat about a YouTube video editor (something this Vanguard lead coach knew nothing about). Take a look at the chat and the great tool suggestions shared by the team!

Participate Learning: #fcsvanguard YouTube Editor

Sign-Up to Host a Chat for #fcsvanguard!

You don't need to host it alone. Partner with a friend and run the chat as a team!

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Nominate Someone (Or Yourself) Today!

The Atlanta Families' Awards for Excellence in Education are now accepting nominations for 2017! This is an incredible opportunity to recognize someone amazing at your school or in our county. In fact, the Vanguard team is FULL of members that would make deserving recipients.

In 2015, Vanguardian Megan Endicott was recognized for the work she's doing at Dolvin ES. Take a look at her feature on their website!

About Us

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to provide innovative instruction which meets the needs, skills and interests of all students.