Engage in Class Discussions!

Encourage ELL Students to Participate in Class Discussions

Using the SIOP Model....

By following the three techniques below teachers will create an effective learning environment with maximum participation and learning. The difficulties we encounter are the time restrictions that we face as virtual teachers.

Instructional Conversation

Echevarria, Vogt, and Short (2008, p.150) list best practices for Classroom Instruction/Discussion
-Teacher facilitates
-Many different ideas encouraged
-Oral language practice opportunities using natural language
-Extensive discussion and student involvement
-Draw from prior background knowledge
-Student level of understanding transparent
-Fewer black and white responses
-Mostly higher level thinking and language use

Three Techniques to Encourage Students to Elaborate Their Responses

Don't forget to group students and add structure to discussion!

Create a Positive and Safe Environment for Students to Participate in

Always be sure to make your students feel comfortable and safe in class. Be inviting and encouraging so that students build confidence when talking.