Analyzing poems

By: Jenna Mlnarik

Nature is what I see-Emily Dickinson

This poem uses metaphors. Ex: Nay-Nature is harmony.

There's also symbolism. Ex: The Babolink-the sea and Thunder-the cricket

This poem is about nature and what it's like.

Before the Ice is in the Pools-Emily Dickinson

This poem uses repetition to give emphasis. Ex: Wonder upon wonder

That which sings so-speaks so-

Before ths Ice is in the Pools also uses personifications. Ex: Before the fields have finished.

The fields can't really finish anything because they aren't living.

This poem is about all the things you can do before the winter comes.

Similarities in the poems

Both of these poems use rhyming words. Ex for Nature is what I see: bee and sea, harmony and simplicity

Ex for Before the Ice is in the Pools: tree and me, day and away, go and snow.

These poems also use imagery. Ex: the hill-the afternoon, and watch we touch the hems.

Both of the poems have to do with nature.