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What's happening in Room 6?

Field Trip

On Tuesday, May 10th, we will be going to the Philadelphia Zoo for our first grade field trip! We will be leaving school at 8:45 am. We will return to school by 3:00 pm.

All students will need a completely disposable lunch, water bottle, and snacks. Please write your child's name on his/her lunch bag. Depending on the weather, you may want to send your child into school with sunscreen, a hat, or sunglasses. If the weather is rainy, our field trip rain date is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th. I will notify you by Monday, May 9th if we need to reschedule our field trip.

End of the School Year

It's hard to believe that we have less than 30 days together in First Grade! The next two months will be busy. Here are some of the activities we will be participating in...

  • May 9th - Art Mobile & Orchestra concert for the school
  • May 10th - Field Trip
  • May 13th - Race for Education
  • May 18th - Race for Education Rain Date
  • May 19th - Final school store
  • May 25th - SHARK assembly, First Grade performs for whole school
  • May 27th - Field Day
  • June 3rd - Sharks and Shades event
  • June 7th - Fun in the Sun with our Reading Buddies
  • June 10th - Talent Show
  • June 14th - Awards Assembly, early dismissal at 12:45 pm LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

As you can see, we will be very busy! :)

Reading & Writing

Our next story is called A Southern Ranch. It is an expository text that we will read to again practice finding information. Your child will use the information they learn through the book to write their own story about life on a southern ranch. We will use adjectives, dialogue and organization to write our realistic stories.

I am in the process of checking everyone's reading level. It's such a great time of the year to see each child's face light up when they discover how much they have grown this year! A typical first grade end of the year level is an I/J. I will be sending home summer packets which will include book lists that target your child's reading level.


This week we are working on the long i sound. Our spelling list covers the igh and ie pattern. During class, we are also reviewing -y and i_e. Our spelling test will be on Friday.

This week, we are also studying the silent letters kn and wr. We will practice reading these words in context and with some fun games. :)


We are about to finish our Animal unit. So far, we have learned about goldfish, guppies and snails. This week, we will move to more simple living organisms...worms and pill bugs. We will compare and contrast the various adaptations these creatures have to help them survive.

Mrs. Kristin Otto

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