Finally, Rewards for EXERCISE

Download WalkOn - where brands join hands to MOTIVATE YOU.

Why is the WalkOn app Revolutionary?

Heard of one place (real or virtual) where businesses (big and small) come together to give you free stuff and exclusive discounts - for exercise?

We hadn't either. So we built the WalkOn app - an app that sets targets for physical activity, and gets brands to reward you when you complete them.

The brands listed on WalkOn aren't ordinary brands - they're trailblazers. They are #BrandsThatCare.

They're willing to walk the health talk. Are you?

What Rewards Do I Get?

The WalkOn app is designed to get trendy brands to give you attractive, tangible rewards to spread good cheer when you lead an active life (and allow you the occasional brag). That's what you will get.

However, this means you will not find the following on WalkOn:

a) Ferraris

b) Other expensive things that one would think twice about before buying

c) Those who only join to get free stuff and don't care about the bigger goal - to be fit, healthy, and happy!