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Why I STILL love essential oils ....

You may have heard already but my daughter (just turning 12) broke her foot January 2nd. She came home from sledding with friends and couldn't move her foot or wiggle her toes. Off to the Emergency Room we go ......
X-Ray confirms 2 broken toes and 3rd fractured. (The picture is of her foot.) The doctor sends her home in a boot and to follow up with an orthopedic doctor on Monday. The nurse asks how she's handling it. "We're using essential oils," I say. "Oh that's good. I know they're great," says the nurse. The nurse says we can use over-the-counter or continue what we're doing to manage at home care. Excellent!
What have we been using?
*Topical application:
Cypress promotes circulation and supports localized blood flow.
Aromatouch blend relaxes muscles, calms tension, promotes circulation and soothes joints.
Wintergreen is made of 99% methyl salicylate (Google that). It soothes achy muscles and joints.
Deep Blue Blend soothes sore muscles and achy joints, and supports healthy circulation.
*Takes Internally:
Frankincense promotes cellular health and promotes healthy inflammatory response. (And many other things, too!)
Marjoram is valued for its calming properties and positive effect on the nervous system.
Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex capsules twice a day to promote healthy mobility and function, and provide soothing support throughout the entire body.

(Remember ... a little goes a long way. One drop every 2-4 hours for acute issues. Do not use several drops once or twice a day. It's better to spread out the doses over time.)

A friend calls to ask how she's doing. "Is she doped up?" she asks. "No," I say calmly. "We're using the essential oils." "Oh, they're working?" she says surprised. "Umm ... yeah." (I, however, am not surprised they are working.) I go through this same conversation with another friend. I'm the one who is surprised why they won't join me in using these wonderful gifts of creation. Yes, I've asked them both . . . several times.

I LOVE these essential oils. I LOVE that I can safely put them on location of the problem and not worry about toxic side effects going through my child's liver. I LOVE that I don't need to wait at a pharmacy. I LOVE that if I was putting on the wrong oil and it wasn't working, that it's also not harming my child ~ it's still doing something beneficial for their body. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell. They are so therapeutic. And I LOVE that I can have these in my home and not have to worry about them expiring if I don't use them.
Yes, I don't use all the oils all the time. But I have them because I never know what will happen to my family on a Saturday afternoon during doctors closed office hours. (Don't all emergencies seem to happen on a Friday or Saturday night?)
And what does my daughter say about how she's managing? "Essential oils are awesome!"
Don't you agree?

January Specials

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--Slim & Sassy Softgels are 10% off in January. These are a great way to carry the oil with you! You can quickly swallow one during lunch or "pop" it in your mouth if you don't mind the spicy taste. This blend promotes healthy metabolism, helps manage hunger cravings, as is all natural, formulated with grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon.
--Receive a free 15ml bottle of Lime when you order 125pv or more on your Loyalty Rewards Program. Lime is wonderful! It supports healthy immune function, positively affects mood with stimulating and refreshing properties, can be used as an internal cleanser. I love it in water, in home-made guacamole, and on tacos! (1-2 drops is enough.) Yum!

Free Frankincense Promotion Continues!

Wow! doTERRA is so generous to extend the free Frankincense promotion! How do we get a free 15ml bottle? ($69.75 wholesale value)
Place any single order of 200PV or more by JANUARY 15th and it will come automatically.
Place any single Loyalty Rewards order by JANUARY 15th and you will receive free Frankincense AND a free 15ml bottle of Lime!
(Cannot combine 2 orders such as 125pv and 75pv ~ It must be one order.)
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This promotion is a generous gift to new users. If you have a friend or family member that has been on the fence about starting their wholesale membership, let them know about this special. Use the link below to send them a special flyer about this promotion.

It's still winter and not feeling 100%? I love how these support my immune system!

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January Class Schedule

See flyer link below for my January classes open to everyone. For those who are hosting their own private class this month, I'm excited for you! People are looking for a natural, less invasive method to care for their wellness.

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