K1: The Greatest Show on Earth

September 19, 2016

Janell Thach

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Language Arts

Interactive Read alouds:

A Color of His Own

How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors

Mouse Paint

Cat's Colors

Pete the Cat's White Shoes

*understanding the author's big idea

*identifying parts of the book

*dictating or writing information for lists or captions

*predicting from the title of a book

*retelling a story with details

*phonemic awareness: distinguishing between rhyming and non rhyming words


P, B, R, N

Word Work: sight words - can, go

Word family: -an


*identify 2 dimensional shapes including circles, triangles, rectangles and squares as special rectangles

*create 2 dimensional shapes using a variety of materials and drawings

*identify attributes of two-dimensional shapes using formal and informal language

Social Studies / Science

We will be focusing on finishing assessments this week. No new skills will be introduced. The assessments are a bit time consuming so I'll be partnering with Mrs. Kirby Wednesday and Thursday for part of the afternoon for us to cover each other's classes together to give the other teacher a chance to finish the one on one assessments.

Thursday, September 22 will be "Character Day." We will be focusing on ways to show good character and how our Life Principles and Eight Expectations for Living relate. This is a great topic for follow up at home. They often relate the word "character" to people in stories or their figurines. When I first introduced the word as a Life Principle, one girl excitedly went to her backpack and pulled out a miniature Prince Charming!


Has your child wanted to try out Taekwondo? Here is the perfect opportunity!

Coppell Taekwondo is GENEROUSLY offering a special fundraiser for Austin Elementary families (ages 3 and up)! ONLY $69 for 6 weeks of classes AND a uniform. Coppell Taekwondo donates 100% of this trial membership fee to Austin PTO.

Sign up online at www.austintkd.com or go in to CTA next to Tom Thumb on Denton Tap to register (make sure to mention Austin Elementary Fundraiser!). HURRY ONLY A FEW SPOTS REMAINING!

Thank you!
Austin PTO


Monday: Red

Tuesday: Orange

Wednesday: Yellow

Thursday: Blue

Friday: Green

Thank you so much to our generous parents for helping provide some of our color "treats" each day!

Upcoming dates:

September 27: Individual Picture Day (will be used in the PTO yearbook)

September 30: Mustang Mutual open

You should receive the order form for Picture Day in Monday's red folder.

Teddy Bear Parade