Abandon by Elana Johnson

Brianna Lewis

Plot Summary

  • Abandon is about a girl named Indy who is torn between two teenage guys, Jag and Zen.
  • Indy chooses Jag over Zen.
  • Now,Indy has to make amends with both guys, overcome everything and form a friendship with Zen.

Character List

  • Indy: main character; girl; likes Jag

  • Jag: main character; 15 yrs old; boy; likes Indy; was the leader of the Renaissance at the age of 13

  • Irvine: Indy’s little brother

  • Zen: boy; was Indy's old lover


  • I think the theme is friendship.
  • I think this because once Indy picks which guy she loves the most, she tries to be friendly with both guys.


  • Indy is torn between Jag and her other love interest Zen.


  • I would recommend Abandon to others because it is a very good book.

Book Citation

  • Johnson, Elana. Abandon: A Possession Novel. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print