by adam carter

Is propane renewable or nonrenewabe?

Propane is a nonrenewable resource. It's a nonrenewable resource because its made of fossil fuels. It's made of many different liquid petroleum gases.

What is it made of?

It's mostly made of methane gas. It comes from petroleum refineries. Most of it is separated from imported oil.

Who uses propane?

Many people use propane. It can be used by communities or individuals. It can come in small tanks or large tanks. It can be used to cook on a grill.

Is it expensive?

It's cheaper than electricity. It cost $2.38/gallon. It's a good source of energy.

How does it produce energy?

It produces energy by burning. You have to burn it to get the energy. It's kind of like natural gas because you have to burn it, but it's not seeing how it's a liquid at first.
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