All about DanielB.

By DanielB


How many students are in your school ?

How many grades does your school have ?

How many teachers are at your school ?

What kinds of technology do you have ?

Do you have different lunch choices ?

Below are some things about my pets and myself ⬇️


Sabbra is 10 months old and she got her name from the dog we used to have named Sabbath


Harely likes his space a lot especially when he is sleeping.

Me, DanielB.

I'm DanielB. I live In Lewisville TX. I am 10 years old. I also like technology a lot and my teachers name is Ms. Dellinger and my GT/Leap teacher is Mrs. Pittinger

About Me

My name is DanielB. I love technology and I pads. My mom and dad are from Poland but I was born here in Texas. I can speak a little bit of polish but not a lot. I go to school at Lakeland elementary school
For the students in Turkey