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Around the World in 5 Days

In an attempt to make it to each continent prior to TN Ready testing, this week we traveled from Asia, after reading about its land and climate, to Australia and then finally to Antarctica. We read about Australia's unique animals and climate. We also read and worked on answering text dependent questions based on nonfiction texts. We watched videos about the platypus, echidna, and wombat (three animals unique to Australia) and also learned about the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback. We worked on our map skills and also read a timeline about the history of when Antarctica was founded. We ended the week (well with one class...the other will read this on Monday) by reading about Antarctica.

Besides nonfiction passages, we also worked on better understanding adverbs. We reviewed their purpose (to dazzle sentences by adding more information to verbs) and learned that they too have levels of comparison. We ended the week with a word study; we looked at a variety of words and tried to determine if they were nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs. Next week we will begin our unit on Pronouns. We will cover personal pronouns as they are used as subjects, objects and possessives. We will also take a closer look at the tricky ones (their, there, they're/your, you're/ its, it's).

Next week we will move away from nonfiction text and get back into fiction. We will be looking at various versions of fairy tales. We will be comparing and contrasting them. Along with that, we will be also begin a poetry unit.

The following week we will begin a research project on animals. This project will be done mostly in class; however, there may be some that will have to be completed at home. There will be more information to come. The Regions quizzes will also continue. We will have a quiz on Thursday of next week.

Kara Merriman

As you now know, the TN Ready testing that was scheduled for next week has been cancelled. We plan to keep plugging along so that your kids are prepared for fourth grade. The next month will be filled with a variety of review skills, new skills, and fun skills. We also have many fun end-of-the-year activities planned. I appreciate all your support and kindness throughout this year.


Merriman: computer lab

Mankin: art


Merriman: library

Mankin: PE


Merriman: Art

Mankin: music


Merriman: PE

Mankin: PE


Merriman: music

Mankin: computer lab

Wednesday, May 11: Field Trip to Cheekwood (Permission slips have been sent out)

Friday, May 13: Field Day and Talent Show

Thursday, May 19: ROAR Party Celebration

Monday, May 23: Field Trip (more to be announced soon)