The No-Guitar Blues

By:Gary Soto


Fausto was a boy that wanted to grow up and be just like the "American Bandstand" and for that to happen he needed a guitar.

Fausto's conflict

his parents wouldnt buy him a guitar and so he has to find a way to buy himself a guitar .Then he meets a little dog and hes uses him to get his money he lies and to the owners to by saying he was by the highway so he would get money but he felt bad so he gave the money to church.

Events In The Story

"When the wicker basket came his way,he stuck his hand reluctantly in his pocket and pulled out the twenty dollar bill."

Review of Story

I think this is a good story it teaches kids that if you want something you have to earn it the right way , he didnt earn it the right way so he felt guilty and he gave the money to a good reason and for doing a good thing he got a good thing in return he finally got a guitar.

Gracie Pino