Mrs. Cornell's Class

News for the week of October 29 - November 2

Dear Parents,

Here comes November! You can find always find the current month's Skills Checklist at the very bottom of this, and I will also email you a more printer friendly copy. If you have been using the October one, thank you! Those can be sent back to school. If you did not, please see the top of the page of the checklist for the explanation. Then, if you have any questions please let me know. It really helps students to have that follow up at home.

We won’t be celebrating Halloween in class, but will be taking some time on Wednesday to mix students up across the grade level and rotate from room to room with fall themed learning activities. Additionally, students will choose a book to keep from RIF - Reading is Fundamental, and we will have an All School Read in the afternoon with the theme "HATS OFF TO BOOKS!" Students are encouraged to wear a fun hat to school and, if they wish, dress in seasonal colors.

What is with this weather! We are really getting tired of these gray, cloudy skies, and now the cold! The weather is unpredictable, so please help your child find appropriate clothing each day. It is better to have too much to wear than not enough. The little sweatshirts just aren’t warm enough on the days with a high in the 40’s. Soon we will need to have full on winter gear including snowpants and boots. Like I have mentioned before, if you have such clothing that is usable, but your family has outgrown, please consider passing it on to our Kennedy family. We will see that it gets to someone who needs it.

As always, thank you for all you do!

Mrs. Cornell


This "Glog" is a fantastic resource for me in the classroom. We are able to use some things on it each week to enhance our learning through engaging activities. I am sharing it with you. Students may do some exploring or may go back to activities that we used in class.


We started using IXL a short time ago. Many students started using this in kindergarten. Your child should know their username and password, if not I can email it to you. Most students should be working on First Grade skills. Your child should know which ones I have introduced, but with your assistance they could find many others that would provide great practice. Students should work to earn a score of 80 or higher before moving on to another skill, but if they are struggling with a particular skill it may not be the right time to work on it and they may have greater success later in the year.


November 8th - PTO Meeting - 6:30pm
November 9th - No School Conference Preparation Day
November 13th - Two Hour Late Start/Evening Conferences
November 15th/19th - Evening Conferences
November 20 to 23 - No School /Thanksgiving

November Skills Checklist

This checklist includes many of the concepts and skills that your child is working on during the month of November. You will notice our Math Home Links correlate with the math skills. You can help me in tracking your child’s progress by using and returning this checklist at the end of the month. When you feel that your child has mastered a skill, check on the line. Not all lines need to be checked off to return the sheet to school, but please work on each skill with your child throughout the month of November. Thank you for all of your extra help working with your child at home.

  • Knows how to tie shoes ___
  • Can tell time on an analog clock to the hour and half hour (half past) ___
  • Identifies numbers as even or odd ___
  • Knows sums of 10 (8+2, 5+5, 3+7, etc.)
  • Can write a complete sentence using correct capitalization and punctuation ___

(inventive spelling expected – try descriptive or persuasive)

  • Can solve +/- number or word problems using the number line or number grid ___
  • Can calculate the value of money including pennies, nickels, and dimes ___
  • Can use a number grid or number line to identify and complete number

patterns (3, 6, 9, . . .) ___

  • Can count by 2’s to 120 ___
  • Can count up and back by 5’s and 10’s to 120 ___
  • Can read high frequency words (see below) ___
  • Can retell a story using beginning, middle and end ___
  • Is starting to use word endings (s, es, ed, ing) ___
  • Knows proper nouns need to be capitalized (Target, Dan, Kennedy Elementary School) ___

Your Child’s Name _____________________________

Parent Signature _____________________________

*Please keep your chart in a safe place so it will not get lost or destroyed.*

Due back December 1

High Frequency Words

does, one, two, her, they

who, some, of, no, eat

into, live, many, out

put, show, make, three, under, want

away, late, school, today, way, why