Sheriff Woody

Character Profile:

Woody -

Woody is an old-schooled "humanoid" pull-string cowboy doll from TOY STORY . He has been Andy's favourite toy since kindergarden. Andy's toy-jungle-of-a-room is filled with Woody merchandise. Woody watches over Andy's toys with his towering hieght and from his special spot on Andy's bed which only he can enter. He is offen scene wearing spurred boots, cowboy's hat, his sheriff's badge, denim vest, the occasional washed-out-red handkerchief. And his predominant tightly fitted jeans and western belt that outlines his slim body. His overly excited, big brown eyes unifys with his slit back hair. He also carrys a gun that he really ever uses. Him and BO PEEP adore eachother.

Bo Peep: "What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?" Woody: "Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho, yeah! Uh, I..."

Woody is


Woody is leader of Andy's toys, he guides them through major events. He is intelligent, uses his background knowledge and his persuasive ability to overcome tough situations. At the beginning he does not like Buzz, rivals him trying to prove that he is better than him. Coming to the end they have to work together to get back to Andy, this forms their friendship. Woody is also adventurous and intuitive can of toy-guy.

By: Joshua 806