Steve O’Brien secondary school

by: Ahmad and Devon

Steve O'Brien

Steve O'Brien is a Canadian athlete that raised awareness for troubled kids across Canada. Steve is a former Olympian, he has won 2 bronze medals and one silver medal for Canada in the Olympics. when he turned 50 years old he has considered to do something for troubled kids and raise awareness by cycling all across Canada. when he was young he was inspired by terry fox and how he would raised money. during his campaign he said,“We’re there to encourage them and we’re there to motivate them. I don’t care if I raise $300 or $300,000.”

Why did we name the school after him?

Steve O'Brien has won medals in the Olympics for Canada. after he retired he decided to raise awareness for troubled kids in Canada. he is a great role model because many people look up to him like Rick Hanson and Terry Fox for the awareness he raised across Canada. since he helped troubled kids and enjoys being with them it would be perfect to name a school after him for the things he did for them. The school is going to be an athletic school because we named it after a great Canadian athlete.
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