Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

The week began with a celebration of Diwali - the Indian festival of lights. We learned that people in India celebrate the New Year and welcome light over darkness. The children also learned the Dandiya dance and got to click pairs of sticks in rhythm to Indian music. We enjoyed a special sweet treat and colored a Rangoli - a "welcome mat" that is drawn with chalk/rice flour on the floor outside Indian homes.

We read a story called, "We Are Alike, We Are Different." After the story the children got into pairs and interviewed each other to come up with some things that were the same and different about them. The intent was for the children to get to know each other on a deeper level. Our versions of these books will be coming home. Please read them with your children!

Conversation Starters

* What did you notice about the graph you made with the number of letters in your friends' names compared to yours?

* What activity did you do with a 30's grid and the overhead projector?

* What is a deeya? (Hint; it has to do with Diwali)

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Practice writing your first name using only one upper case letter.

* Read the poem of the week - " Piggy-Back"

* Read the class books "We Are All Alike" and "We Are All Different."

Apps This Week!

This week we used an app called Undersea Math in order to practice simple addition.

Poem of the week


My daddy rides me piggy-back

My mama rides me too.

But grandma says her poor old back

Has had enough to do.

Langston Hughes