Joachim Von Ribbentrop

The Nuremburg Trials


Joachim Von Ribbentrop was Hitler's foreign Minister, he was always involved in all of the actions of "aggressive war". He had many records on file about him committing crimes against humanity. Ribbentrop had supported Hitler in everything that he had done; he had supported the deportation of Jews from Italy and France, and then had forced them into extermination camps. Him and Hitler had made aggressive plans against Czechoslovakia.

ribbentrop had also played a big role in starting the Final Solution. After the Nuremburg trials, he was sentenced to death by hanging.

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Waged Wars of Aggression

Joachim Von Ribbentrop had started aggression wars with Czechoslovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Yugoslavia. There was also the Japanese Aggression between Germany and Japan. Ribbentrop had made an agreement under which Germany and Japan will act together for at least 5 years, this had been signed on the behalf of Joachim. On September 27, 1940 Germany and Japan signed the tripartite pact, this had brought a full-scale military and economic alliance. In February 1941, Ribbentrop kept urging Japanese to attack British and many other Europe countries.