Awarness Flyer

Toxic Runoff

Toxic runoff is runoff from factories inluding things such as chemials and other harmful materials.


  • The runoff could kill some marine animals
  • It is illegal niow for factories to pollute the rivers

Rivers near factories

Rivers that are near factories have a much higher chance of containing chemicals that are harmful for marine life that lives in oceans, which most rivers lead to.


  • Factories can pollute the water that we use almoste every single day.
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Impacting the future

These examples of HEI will impact the future by creating a bigger greenhouse effect. Everyone is able to help stop the pollution of toxic chemicals.

Levels of Questions

Level One- What is toxic runoff?

Level Two- How is pollution making a bigger greenhouse effect?

Level Three- Why does all of this pollution in the world have a toll on both humans and animals and what could it cause in the future.