By Erica G.

Protists, Galore!!!

There are multiple types of protists, but just for now we will label about 4...

We Are Different!

  • Amoebas are constantly changing their shape.
  • Euglenas live in fresh or brackish water.
  • Paramecium has tiny hairlike projections
  • Volvox team up from 500 to 60,000 cells to create ONE colony!
Q1: Where are they 'born'?

A1: They are created in water, well most of them...

Q2: How does the Euglena move??

A2: The red dot (flagella) can detect light, and suddenly moves towards the light

Q3: How are most protists created, and what kind of Coitus do they have?

A3: Most protests are created asexually... The Amoeba was created asexually, Paramecium is created asexually, and the Euglena also created asexually. (Be Mature!)