Protect your Personal Information

Last year, about 47% of American adults (110 million people) were hacked in some way.

It's sad really. It is not easy to avoid hackers, but you can lessen the blow by protecting your personal information. Use different passwords, change those passwords often, don't post about where you are all the time on Facebook, don't download shady thing online. These are simple, yet many people have problems with it. This flyer has been created to give a basic understanding that your information isn't safe and anyone can access it unless you do something about it.

Anyone can look up your information quite easily.

Internet Privacy Prank

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To protect yourself while surfing the web at home, it is recommended to have some sort of anti-virus software. Many viruses can steal your passwords and e-mails. For a good, free anti-virus program, download AVG:

This flyer just covers the basics of Information Privacy, click here for more:

ID Theft Victim Advocate Training (AWARE)

Thursday, March 26th 2015 at 6pm

Eastfield College

Dallas, TX

This event teaches people how others can steal your identity through new technologies and how you can protect yourself.