Animal Testing Isnt Working.


What Is animal testing?

Animal testing is when animals are used as test subjects to prove if products and medicines are safe for human use. When an animal is being tested, a sample of the product is dropped into the subject's eye or smeared on a shaved area, bare skin. After applying the product(s) on the animal, it is either observed of their behavior or killed and examined of their tissues. (Much)

Other types of animal testing(s) involve literal physical abuse towards an animal with a weapon for human study. Look down below to see more types of animal testing.

Why isn't animal testing working?

Most of the time animal testing doesn't even work. About 90% of medications approved for human use after animal testing is later proved as ineffective, or may even harmful to humans, says Kelly Overton.("ineffective") Not only is it ineffective, its inhumane. The fact that these animals are being tortured and killed for money is just sad. All these products that are supposed to make you "beautiful" and medicines that are mostly for human use only, some of these products backfire to the max. But it is "OK" because we all got money out of it.

Stop the testing.

Some people in the world don't even realize that the products their using were most likely used on many animals. Some people may even be shocked if they found out. What does it matter if we do or don't have these studies or products. There obviously is an easier way when it comes to "animal shooting." Like test on skin 'like objects. But face products are ridiculous. To kill thousands of harmless living things just to cover up your ugly. We can all live without makeup but we all can't live with killing the innocent for selfish needs.

How can you help?

In my opinion I believe that animal testing should be stopped. So I support it. There are many possible ways to stop animal testing or at least show that you care. One way you could help is by NOT BUYING PRODUCTS that were tested on animals. It show that your unhappy with what they are doing. Maybe even send a message to the company, try to convince them that it's wrong and that their loosing customers because of it. You could tell people around you about how these animals are being used. Maybe make a petition. Or just make a whole page filled with facts and what the truth is behind all these products. And that's just the beginning, there are many ways you can make this world a better place. For humans, and for animals.

Here are some actual pictures of animal testing below. (WARNING: These images are not for everyone to see and may be disturbing to veiwers. Do not continue if you cant handle: Blood, Injured Animals, and ect.)

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