Watch out for your kids on the internet

Kids all around are getting cyber bullied and you don't really hear about it all the time. i'm trying to put cyberbullying out there i know that i doesn't really sound like a big deal but it is. you should some time look it up and see that there is a lot of cases that haven't been dealt with

some ways to take care of cyber bulying

  • one way to stop/prevent cyberbullying is to try to keep your kids from the internet

  • another is t if your kids have a facebook, twitter, myspace, (ect). to check it

  • sometimes you can look up your kids on google to, change that you can go to google and go to contact us and talk to them to change it

  • ask your kids if they are getting cyber bullied

  • meet you kids new friend or any friend

  • last is to to check the school

MASK Teachable Moments: Cyberbullying

My Opinion

my opinion is that kids that cyberbully others just want power and want attention.

Its like taking a flower a crushing it.