Calorie and exersise watcher

Watch what you eat and Don't Sneak!

First few days

I, Daniel Poupore, did a test on my family that involved lowering their caloric intake and making them exercise more. I asked them after a few days how they felt, and they all agreed they were hungry and tired from this.

Final stretch

As the experiment started winding down my family said they started to feel better. My dad said they felt normal like it was their life and didn't think twice about exercising. The last day My dad and my sister said they are going to be more conscious about what they eat and run/workout more because once you do it you feel accomplished. But y mom said she wants to continue something like this and still tries to workout everyday and still watches her calorie intake, and I'm proud of that.


There are many health benefits to eating healthy and exerting right, if you do it safe and right you will be able to lose the weight that you want while still feeling full. It may be hard to get going but once you do you feel great and normal just like before.