Digital Foot Print

By: Nathian Saucedo

What is it?

It is your online history. It consist of all you profiles and all the things you posted or was tagged on. It shows your records of online usage.

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My digital footprint will affect me great because I post great things. I post eye appealing things people will like. I also post cautiously. My digital foot will be a good impact for my future. If I were to post inappropriate items, a job that I have can see it and automatically get me in trouble.

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Ways to improve my digital footprint is by adding more post that more meaningful to me and other. Another is to follow more meaningful people.

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I have learned that if you show a terrible digital footprint, your life can all go down hill because it will be hard to get jobs and people will thing of you negatively. Having a positive digital footprint can get you respect.

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