Become an Area Representative!

for World Heritage Student Exchange!

What makes you the best person for the job?

We've found that some of our most successful representatives are former host parents. You have already hosted one of our awesome exchange students, this makes you a great candidate for becoming an Area Representative! You like teens! You like to learn about different cultures! You like to make a difference! You are perfect for this!

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What our local area representatives do...

  • Help recruit potential host families
  • Screen potential host families
  • Conduct a host parent orientation before the students arrive *
  • Conduct a student orientation *
  • Call once a month to check on the student and host family
  • Take the student out 3 times a year for a cultural activity *

*Can be done as a group activity

Training and any promotion materials are provided.


Most of our local area representatives say they would still volunteer as an Area Representative even if a stipend wasn't provided because they enjoy it so much. As a program we want to thank our Area Rep volunteers for their commitment to the program and so a stipend is provided as a big "thank you" for helping us do what we do. We're a team, giving teens from all over the world a fantastic opportunity through our non-profit program.

The stipend is $700 - $1050 per student paid out over the space of the academic year. The bonus is up to $450 per student depending on when the student was placed and how many students you have in your area.

You've already shown a huge commitment to cultural exchange by hosting, you'll be continuing to give teens from all over the world the experience of a lifetime, just in a different way!

If you're interested in becoming an Area Representative, please contact me!