Vietnam Assignment

Kiersten Perry

In the Field--The book

Kiowa, one of the soldiers, had gotten lost and stuck under the mud. The whole time, Jimmy Cross, the lieutenant of the platoon, and the others were trying to find Kiowa through the unsanitary 'mud' field.Later, they find a bag with the usual things Kiowa would have carried, a bible and moccasins. Jimmy then blamed himself because the way they set up the camp should have been at higher ground and when Kiowa was living he kept suggesting that but Cross hadn't listened. But if he had Kiowa could have still been alive.

Facing It- Poem

In the poem, Yusef wrote about him at the Vietnam Memorial wall and him looking at all of the names. Yusef is daydreaming about his friend Andrew, whose name appears on the wall. As he stands there staring at it, he sees a white flash that reminded him of a booby trap. As he realizes the war is over and many people come and walk away, the names will never go away, they will always stay there on that wall.