My Digital Dossier

By Jenny

My digital dossier started when my mom saw me through an ultrasound. Once I got a little older, my family liked to take a lot of pictures with me but I hated taking pictures. Somehow they were still able to take a few pictures with me. Although I still don't like to be in pictures till this day but I'm starting to get use to it. I started using the internet when I was 7 years old because I saw my older sister play Minecraft and it looked like fun but she wouldn't let me play it so I watched other people play it on Youtube. I started playing video games 3 years ago when my sister bought The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack and she let me play it. When I got my own computer I was able to watch more Youtube videos and I started to play other video games too. Now I usually play video games with my friends or watch comedy and gaming videos on Youtube. In conclusion, this is my digital dossier.