Teen Advisory Board

February Newsletter

The Teen Advisory Board

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) of the Montclair Public Library is a group of teens who participate in and influence the functioning of the library, especially for teen programming and library materials. Most importantly, TAB is a forum to have your opinions and suggestions heard.

We meet the first Wednesday of each month, September - May and members receive community service hours for participating.

For more information email:

Lisa Sedita at lisa.sedita@montclair.bccls.org

Review of "The Finest Hours" movie -- Stephan Stamas

The movie "The Finest Hours", based on the book by Michael J. Tougias, tells the true story of how four young and inexperienced Cape Cod Coastguardsmen daringly rescued 32 crewmembers from an oil tanker, the SS Pendleton, that had split in two during a terrible Nor'Easter in February 1952. The movie is also a love story between the main character, Bernie Webber and his fiancee Miriam. I really enjoyed this movie. The plot, actors, and graphic effects were very good. In all, I would definitely recommend this movie, because it was a good combination of action, struggle, hope, and inspiration and made for a wide audience.

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The Crucible Book Review -- Rohan Israni

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In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, hysteria plays a major role in exposing the virtues and vices of each character in a time frame wherein people were influenced by witch trials. Hysteria plays a central role in spreading fear and evil among society, and ultimately leads to a broken and corrupt community. In The Crucible, the hysteria of witch hunt is meant to hide the true and egocentric motives of Abigail Williams, Reverend Parris , and Tituba. Although The Crucible is laden with deceptive and conniving individuals, Abigail Williams is seen as the main antagonist, as she takes advantage of the town’s fear of the supernatural in order to rekindle her relationship with John Proctor. At the beginning of the play, Abigail Williams does not take responsibility for Betty’s sudden state of unconsciousness, but rather passes the blame onto Tituba, a black slave. It is an interesting play and keeps the reader glued till the end. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible teaches readers of the power of hysteria: it can corrupt one's mind and transform ordinary individuals into egomaniacs.

Rohan Israni


Come see the Montclair High School's Dance Company 2016 Spring Spring March 6th and 7th at 8PM and March 8th at 2PM!

The dancers have worked really hard for this performance and look forward to seeing your faces in the audience!

Photo Credit: Lisa Rosen

Also on Monday, February 22nd MHS Dance Company will also be having a Fundraiser at Stuffed Burgers! 15% pf our sale after 5PM will go to the company. Please come support us and enjoy good food!

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Joke Corner! -- Aneekah Uddin

1. What do you get when you put a candle in a suit of armor?

A knight light.

2. What did the green grape say to the purple grape?


3. What did the grape say when he was pinched?

Nothing, he gave a little wine.

4. What did the Zen Buddhist say to the burger vendor?

Make me one with everything.

5. Why did the orange stop?

Because, it ran outta juice.