Model with Mathematics

Standard 4 for Mathematical Practices

What is Standard 4?

Applying math to interpret, analyze and solve real life problems.

Teacher Role

Teacher role is that of facilitator. The encourage students to make predictions, asking students why they are using certain tools, providing guidance or other tools when students are stuck, helping students make connections between the problem and math, and helping students interpret results.

Student Role

Students are taking risks, making predictions, using a variety of tools such as charts, diagrams, etc, and drawing conclusions. All of this should be done while collaborating with other learners, sharing ideas, challenging each other to justify reasoning, and continually editing and revising their work.

Rich Task

Any real life problem can become a rich task and require students to use mathematical modeling. For example, in Civics you could have students analyze impact of interest on a house payment or credit card. In yearbook, students can determine how many ads they must sell in order to keep the cost of the yearbook low. Basically, any problem can be turned into something that needs mathematical modeling to solve.