My Top 6 Apps in the Classroom

By Samuel Esteban

Wikipedia Mobile App

Famous or infamous, Wikipedia is as much a staple as Google is in the modern individuals' digital dwelling place. Touted as unreliable as it is freely editable, its function as the Internet's encyclopedia proves its usefulness and first place for understanding and research. The app is as useful as the website and use in the classroom for concepts an individual may not initially understand could be alleviated by a student's own initiative and desire to understand.

Google Classroom Mobile App

For the teacher and the student who uses the app, quick updates and marking can be done in this app. Simple documents and activities can be done through the google classroom app reducing the amount of hardware your students will need to bring in the classroom. Although there are still some software limitations on the modern smartphones, they are sufficient for most classroom activities.

Google PDF Viewer

For the teacher and student on the go, you can load up a document before class or meeting then read it any time or any place. For the lazy or proactive student, constant view of essential documents on your phone can help you think of what to write on your next paper. It is essential to opening PDF files, if your phone did not come with it installed, definitely download it now!


This is an app that allows you to interact with your students and their parents through text. It is incredibly useful for sending timed messages and reminders for when homework assignments are due and any other announcements that parents may need. Furthermore, privacy and phone numbers are all hidden. Its availability as an app allows it to be even more accessible.

Google Arts & Culture

Another Google app, its perfect for art lovers and social studies students. It brings art and artifacts from over 850 different museums that have partnered with Google. Articles, stories and additional information can be found on this app, it can truly inspire and drive learning for students who thrive in history and the arts.

Periodic Table App by Royal Society of Chemistry

An interactive, up-to-date and accurate periodic table. Intensive information and even videos that relate to the elements. This app is academic centered and will prove to be useful for all chemistry students.