How to Survive Lineville

By: Easton Bogenschuetz


Hola (that's hello in Spanish) 4th grade students. I guess your wondering about Lineville and are a little scared. Here read this, it's a guide called "How to Survive your First Year at Lineville" (published by Easton Bogenschuetz). It is suppose to help you survive your first year at Lineville. I hope this helps!

After School Activities

There are many after school activities so you need to be sure what ones you think you could do, so here are some of those activities. One activity is Skills and Drills. Skills and Drills is a basketball thing that goes from August-November for boys. For girls I think it's December-January but I'm not sure. Next is archery but that is only for 6th graders so I wouldn't worry about it. After that there is soccer and cross country running, personally I would say they are pretty fun. After that we have the school play, which we put on once a year. Next is the babysitting classes that you can sign up to do that and it's put on by the Red Cross babysitting association (you have to be 11) Than we have the Movie Club and Battle of the Books. Battle of the Books is where you get 3 months to read all your books with your team. Then, you have battles against other teams and you get points. The team with the most points wins and goes to the next round. Well that's all of the after school activities I know of, hope this helps.


You are probably worried about your locker, so hopefully this will help. To open your lock you spin the dial to your left to your first number. Next, you spin the dial to the right past your first number to your second number. After that, you spin it back to the left to your last number. Another, thing you might want to know about is that we have locker clean out Friday, it's where we clean out our lockers on Friday. One more thing you should probably know about is you need to know to keep it organized. Hopefully this helps.


There are many things you probably need to know about the hallways at Lineville. One thing is that you have more freedom (unless you can't handle it). Also, you don't have to walk in a little duckling line and you don't have every class with the same people. Another thing is there is red and blue tape. The tape means you should walk on the right. Also, if the tape is red you are at a level 0, and if it's blue tape it means you can talk at a level 1/whisper. One more thing is you have a 4 minute passing time. Those are the most important things I think you need to know about the hallways.


There are many things I think you should know about lunch at Lineville. First of all, there are 2 different lunch choices, district and commons. Also, we have a la carte. A la carte is some extra things you can get but it costs extra money. Another thing is, you can go up and get seconds but that also costs extra money, so pick what you want before you check out. Also, you can only have 8 people sitting at a table. Hopefully this helps you with lunch.


There is a pretty good amount of specials at Lineville that you didn't have at your elementary school. One new special is Spanish, the Spanish teacher is Mrs/Señora Vandenhuvel. She is very nice. Another is your music choices. Your music choices are Band, Choir, or Orchestra. Personally, I think band is the best. Another thing you should probably should know about is PE. In PE there are some more units. I'll list the new ones,

  • Bad mitten
  • Archery
  • Swimming
  • Snow shoeing(it's only like an extra activity for fun)
  • Life skill activities
  • D.A.R.E.

That's all the new units that I know about in PE. The last new special is technology. In technology you learn how to use Google docs, Google slides, and Career locker. Also, you sometimes get free time to play games. Well, that's all I know about the new specials at Lineville, hope this helps.


Thanks for reading "How to Survive Your First Year at Lineville". I hope this helped you to not be afraid at Lineville. You'll do awesome!!! B) Smiley face with sunglasses
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