The Holocaust

Hitler and His Rise to Power

Hitler's Rise to Power

Adolf Hitler was a German dictator from the Nazi Party who rose to power during the 1930s. Hitler gained most of his control through his past involvement in the German army and World War I. Hitler is now most commonly remembered for the Holocaust, the systematic killing of millions of Jews by the Nazi Party.

Who is Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. Hitler was raised in a dysfunctional family and his mental health was affected by this. He let school at a very young age to follow his dream to become an artist in Vienna. In 1909, Hitler was living rough on the streets and his hatred of Jews was established after he realised that Jewish people and foreigners in his country, Germany were doing better than he was at the time. 1914 was the year that Hitler entered the army and became interested in politics.

In 1914, Hitler joined the German army and was awarded the Iron Cross for his service. While he was in the army, Hitler was temporarily blinded by a British mustard gas attack. He joined the German Worker's Party and was soon assigned leader of the renamed Nazi Party. Hitler believed that the time was right for him to rise to power and in 1933, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.

How did Hilter gain control?

Hitler and the Nazi Party gained control of many aspects of everyday life including economics, politics, religion, society and media. The Nazi Party was in complete control of all money and political decisions of the country and German citizens were not able to speak against their leader. Hitler created fear in the country and used many forms of manipulation and persuasion to ensure that the people of Germany will trust him in making Germany the greatest country in the world.

Hitler used propaganda to influence people of all ages, especially the youth. Children were taught from Nazi textbooks which shared the anti-Semitic views of Hitler and children were subconsciously taught to hate Jews and anyone who was foreign living in 'their' country. Also, propaganda was used to persuade the rest of the population as only selected pieces of information about the Nazis was displayed.

Why did people support Hitler?

The people of Germany followed Hitler because Hitler promised people what they wanted. Hitler promised to solve problems of the Depression, for example, promised to make up the loss of money and other resources, promised jobs building public works, and promised to restore the profits of small business and the value of savings. He promised to restore German honour by tearing up the hated Treaty of Versailles and by making Germany great and proud again.

Hitler was very well-spoken and charismatic. At the time, Germans believed Hitler understood their conditions and made sense, they believed he united everyone by providing explanations for everything that Germans were put through.

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How did Hitler and the Nazi Party treat Jews?

Hitler used Jewish people and other sections of society as scapegoats, and blamed all of the country's problems on them. Jews suffered terribly under Hitler's reign and for some time, they though that Hitler would've settled down and controlled his violent followers. However, if anything, it got worse for the Jewish population.

Jews were dismissed from important jobs in the civil service, the legal system, universities, schools and the media. Nazi textbooks used in school displayed Jews as evil, ugly people and Germans were taught that Jews were inferior to them.Jews were not permitted to use German property and were designated seats in public areas such as parks and on public transport. Jews were not able to marry or have sexual relations with an Aryan, violence towards Jews was introduced and groceries were not to be sold to them.

Jews were placed in concentration camps where they were rounded up to be killed in a gas chamber. Families were split apart, Jews were used for labour, and electric barbed wire fences kept prisoners within the confines of the camps. Jews were traumatised after seeing their family, friends and other Jews being killed, knowing that their time is coming soon. Approximately 6 million Jewish people were killed en masse and their deceased bodies were loaded onto trucks and thrown in the dump of the camps.

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