Same-sex Marriages

gay marriage in Australia and internationally


Many same-sex couples wish to marry. They want to do so for the same reasons as the opposite-sex counterparts- to publicly proclaim and celebrate their love and commitment to protect their children, to ensure legal and social recognition and for a whole host of other reason. These couples would greatly benefit from being able to realise their choice to marry, an intensely personal choice that is widely recognised, at least for heterosexual couples, as a basic human right.


The reason the Australian Government doesn't want to legalise same-sex is because of the religious lobby groups having a say, with them saying that God made man and woman to get married not the same sex. So that is why it can happen.

-54% of Australians same-sex couples would marry if they had the chance. 80% support the the choice. 55% of same-sex de-facto couples and 78% of same-sex civil partners would prefer to marry if they had the choice.

-the ban on same-sex marriages in Australia includes a ban on the recognition of same-sex marriages entered to by Australians overseas

-15% of male same-sex couples and 25% of female same-sex couples are raising children

-if they were allowed to marry, Australian same-sex couples would spend over half a billion dollars on weddings and marriage license fees


Same-sex marriage was first recognised in ancient history. It was a Roman Emperor, by the name of Nero, who was reported to have married two other men on different occasions. Same-sex marriage in the Roman Empire were generally known in a critical or satirical manner. In recent history, it wasn't until 2001, that the Netherlands became the first nation in the world to grant same-sex marriage.

- since 2001, 12 countries have legalised same sex marriage

- even with warnings from officials that said that they could be shut down, some conservative magistrates in Argentina have refused to conduct same-sex marriages

- between 1999 and 2008, 30 states in the USA, voted state wide and banned gay marriage