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Bullying, not in our house!

As most of you know, earlier this year Mr.Nerat, Mr.Ebert and the whole Theisen staff took a stand against bullying, never before seen at Theisen Middle school. They have talked about it in the past but they have never broadcasted it so loudly across the board. The topics they discussed were, alerting teachers and other adults to bullying incedents.Also about not being a watcher, or someone who see's the incedent but doesn't say anything. As a bullying victim I hope that some one would stand up for me.

Effects ?

Mr. Nerat says that the effects of this presentation will be resounding. He says "Now that bullying is a more understood state that students are now sharing or asking about instances, Which helps the staff act quicker" Mr.Nerat.

The founders of the anti-bullying coalition

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