Because, If you don't work, YOU DON'T EAT!

In America... (Intro)

We are capitalist, the best type of economy there is. You work for all that you could ever want and need.

The Facts...

Our economy is run by the people and for the people. People are paid based on their jobs and salary. With that money, they can buy anything they want! The same thing applies to selling.


Why Capitalism Works

Cons? What are those?

Your work ethic takes you every where in this economy. Some people say that this economy makes a huge gap between the rich and the poor but the reality is that if you work hard you can be rich as well. That and a small loan of a million dollars.

To conclude

Come to the Capitalist side of the world. Do you want a Communist dictating when you eat? NO! Socialist economy? NO! So come to the Capitalist side of the world and work your way up to live like royalty! Just remember: If you don't work, YOU DON'T EAT!