New Deal Concept Map

It's a Concept Map fo real


A deal composed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and his group of advisors called the "Brain Trust". The deal was composed to alleviate the stress of the Great Depression. It was primarily focused on relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform.


The New Deal was the name of the many acts that President Roosevelt created and passed to assist the economy in its revival. These acts created things such as Social Security and the Public Works Administration. These secured the economic welfare of the people and injected large sums of money into the economy, along with filling jobs.




-Chinese Fire Drill

-Recession of 2007 (according to the Bureau of Economic Research)

-Stock Market crash of 1929


-Social Security

-Civilian Conservation Corps (created jobs)

-National Recovery Administration

-Hoover Dam (project of the PWA)

-NKC's Football Stadium (also a project of the WPA)