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My Green Smoke Story

I started smoking at the age of 19 when I was in hostel pursuing my graduation. Almost everyone out there used to smoke, it was like common things that youngster do. Even though smoking was prohibited in the campus but we used to smoke as we had secret hideouts where we used to go to smoke. After my completion of graduation I stated working at an IT firm in south of Texas. In hostel I used to be a casual smoker but when I join office or started working I became a regular smoker who just loves to smoke whenever I get time.

Due to smoking at regular bases I broke up with my high school girl friend. She left me saying that I was more interested in smoking and my cigarettes than her. Few weeks after the break up I realize that how important was she for me and I have to control my smoking in order to get her back. I decided to live smoke free and decided to use alternative of tobacco cigarette in order to satisfy my craving of nicotine. The first thing I could think of was electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette was the same thing that helped one of my friends to live a smoke free life. So I gave a call to him asked him about different brands of electronic cigarette and also where to buy electronic cigarette? He suggested me to first read reviews about different e cigarette brand that were available in the market and then place order online.

I went through different e cigarette review website that has reviews regarding all the major brands. Out of them I liked Green Smoke electronic cigarette most as it has received five star rating from the customers and is also ranked among the top ten brands. Green Smoke tends to be the best electronic cigarette to me as it comprises of everything that a smokers needs. I ordered green smoke disposable packs to try first and after it successful results I went on buying one of its most popular e cigarette starter kit named as Pro Starter kit.