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Why was it so challenging to be president during early year?

During Early Years

During the early years in the United States, it was not easy to be a president. Do to the consequences and the problems that may happen while you are at office. In the early years, the united States never had a president before until George Washington became the first president. He was the first president to guide us to independence. Later on, new presidents are being elected. Every time a new president was elect, the U.S. gets better and better.

France and Great Britain War

This war was in between France and the Great Britain. The U.S. did not aid either side during the war. It made it difficult to become a president at the time because British troops would not move out of Ohio Valley. Then, the Jay treaty was made. The British finally agreed to pull their troops out of Ohio Valley.

The France and Great Britain war was at it again.

This war made it difficult to become president because the french and the British were attacking the American ships while at sea. This was caused because the U.S. didn't want to get involved with this war.

The Embargo

This made it difficult to become president because no foreign ships could enter the U.S. ports and no American ships could leave, except to trade with other U.S. ports. While the U.S. thought the attacking at sea was over, they set sail again but the France and Great Britain attacked again.

Political parties

This made it difficult to become president because it is the first time the political party was included in an election. The U.S. didn't really know what to do.

Jams Madison's Offer

This made it difficult to become the president because the Great Britain didn't quit attacking american ships until James Madison made an offer to the Great Britain if you cease your attacks on american ships then the U.S. will stop trading with your enemy.

Shawnee against the Americans

This made it difficult to become president because two Shawnee brothers tried to fight back with the Americans because the Americans kept settling on their land and forcing them to move away from their land.